It’s 3:00 A.M., I’ve got $3, I’m hungry. Where do I go?

We’ve all been there in the City of Angels:  the all-night shoot downtown wrapped early, the sharks at Hollywood Park casino decimated your stack, or your emoticon girlfriend just dumped you at the virtual club…and dammit, you’re hungry!

Hungry for tacos!

The food-serving angels on La Brea will soothe you, even though every restaurant along the curvy section south of San Vicente is long closed for the night.  And it’s not brick and mortar grub you’re craving anyway…it’s the allure and strange comfort of the taco trucks.

They won’t disappoint and they’ll be happy to present you with three delicious south of the border delectables for the three bucks you have crumpled in your hand.  Don’t even think about a credit card.

You’ll know you’ve found them by the sudden bursts of neon color and the buzz of bodies huddled together placing their orders.  It’s 3:00 A.M. and yet truck after truck, corner after corner is alive with electricity.  They park, some permanently, at several intersections – four-wheel-full-time residents at their preferred spots, and they soothe you with slurp it down, delicious, greasy, perfect one-dollar morsels.

Movie stars, truck drivers, partiers, insomniacs and cops dine together on two legs  – all as one in the City of Angels.  Anyone can find a pricy food truck during the day.  It takes commitment and a desire for what the night may bring to draw you out only hours before sunrise.  That and four quarters.

El Chato Taco Truck – Olympic and La Brea

Tacos Leo – Venice and La Brea



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